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Opening of a new warehouse in Dayton, New Jersey in USA

Staci Americas is pleased to announce the opening of our new site in Dayton, New Jersey!

With a state-of-the-art facility adapted for high-density B2B and B2C flows, the Dayton campus brings scalability and customizable hashtagomnichannel fulfillment even closer to you and your customers.

Our new location will serve as Staci Americas’ technology incubator as we develop new innovations to optimize your fulfillment. The move supports our expansion as a nationwide network of hashtagDistributionCenters that promise you:

✅ Speed, quality and reliability in the 99th percentile.
✅ Scalable fulfillment across a wide variety of sectors, including consumer goods, hashtagcosmetics and luxury products.
✅ Efficient labor management that adjusts to forecasts and peak cycles.

With our New Jersey location, we’re poised to serve you even better.

Visit our new home at 10 Sigle Lane in Dayton, and come think globally and act locally with us.

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