Staci Italy

We are the specialists in the management of marketing and communication materials. We offer customised and original solutions that are perfectly adapted to any need. Since 2010 we have been operating throughout Italy with competence and speed: whatever the destination, we guarantee the arrival of your products at the point of sale within 48/72 hours. Flexibility and quality are our watchwords; we handle any type of material.

Staci continuously invests in various value-added services: digital solutions, digital displays for retailers, local warehouses all over Italy, last-mile delivery, installations, call centres, inventory management and stock financing, invoicing and payment collection, reverse logistics, updating and maintenance of materials…. and is today one of the leaders in cross-channel logistics in Italy.

We manage the entire supply chain independently, relieving you of a whole range of responsibilities and concerns typical of the industry. Entrust us with the products, we take care of the rest.

Sites in Italy

Our sites:
Staci 1 – Via Marco Biagi, 32 – 27022 Casorate Primo (PV)
Franco’s warehouse – Via Giuseppe Villani 19 – 27050 Silvano Pietra (PV)
Staci 2 – Via Antonio Meucci, 3 – 20006 Pregnana Milanese (MI)
Staci 3 – Via Nicaragua, 10/A – 00071 Pomezia (RM)
Staci 4 – Via Campobello,25 – 00071 Pomezia (RM)

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