+ 30

drinks references

+ 500

specialised points of sale

Activity volume
48 000

packages shipped per year

Customer context

In the “Beverage” sector, our client was looking for a logistics company that would help it meet several objectives:

  • Rationalisation of logistics flows of marketing and promotional products to control spending and budgets
  • Optimisation of its logistics and marketing supports (efficiency, customer network satisfaction and savings)
  • A facilitating solution for its sales forces

Our solution

Provision of a single warehouse in France to integrate all its marketing and promotional products, allowing it to manage all its flows (retail, event sales force, merchandising and sales events).

A digital “E-cats” solution allowing all users to manage, monitor and analyse activity in real time.

Putting the solution online via a Smartphone app for sales forces.

Regional warehouse solutions for sales departments with different flow traceability solutions.


  • A warehouse organisation with the integration of all trades linked to our client’s marketing, which allowed significant budgetary savings (storage and benefit from the centralisation of flows).
  • A satisfied sales force and customer network.
  • Digital solutions that create value for the brand and all users.

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