Customer context

A cosmetics and food supplements company that distributed its products B2B and B2C with strong growth was looking for an outsourcing solution for its logistics + transport to support its growth.

Our solution

Proposal of an end-to-end solution allowing the customer to completely outsource its logistics.

  • Deployment of EDI flows between the client ERP and Staci, allowing automation of data exchanges via a project group managed by STACI.
  • Provision of a warehouse solution integrating product specificities (value, tracking), modelled according to customer volumes by integrating its seasonal variables.
  • Continuous integration of new customer references for B2B channels and marketplaces and strong growth in e-commerce.
  • Implementation of picking solutions adapted to e-commerce.

In a few key figures

  • A solution that allows the customer total control of its costs
  • Satisfaction of the customer’s network which contributes to brand enhancement
  • Direct benefits of the outsourcing solution, namely the transformation of fixed costs into variable costs
  • Ability to integrate new brand customers quickly: recognition of the agility of Staci solutions.

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